We received some drawings today

These drawings are courtesy of Dr. Owen Geiger at www.GRISB.org

These are drawings for making the block box press. 


We have photos and a material list in another post.

Dr. Geiger has been involved from early on.  Everytime I would vary away from the original concept he would be on to me to get back on track.  He shares the vision of a manual system that can be used by the semi-skilled under the worst of conditions to create shelter and industry.  Dr. Geiger is now in Thailand working with locals who make CEB’s (compressed earth blocks).  http://www.motherearthnews.com/Green-Homes-Expert-Owen-Geiger.aspx

  • Chuck

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  • Chris Green ( “Straw_Cat”)

    I saw a segment about Ubuntu Blox on the Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet show. Very impressive, and I really like the block press, which could be useful of building systems.

    I’m writing up a post to place on some Facebook sites.