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We will be arriving in Haiti about 3 p.m. cst today the 11th of August.  We will be staying at the GRU compound in Port au Prince.  Grass Roots United dot org

The goal is to build two machines  for making blocks and setting up production of blocks.  Eventually there will be a model of a Haitian  home built with Ubuntu-blox at the compound.  We will be posting updates as often as we can.

Dirt, plastic trash, and the goodness of humanity

Yesterday I was able to experience one of those days that make a lifetime.  The walls are done and the earthen plaster is being applied to the exterior.  Roof is in place and will be finished this morning.  We will continue with the exterior plaster and start plastering the interior.

The most amazing thing for me is the joy others bring to the project.  Young, old, or in that place in between, they all get a grin on their faces that is wonderful to see when they talk to the group working on the house.

Go to Ubuntu-Blox on facebook and win a smile.  You deserve it.

We start construction at EandHweek today!

No April Fools joke.  Today we install the foundation and start placing the Ubuntu-Blox for the Kenya/Omyonga house.  We will be working there all weekend and next week to get it all done so visitors can see what a house made with plastic refuse can be like.

Monday evening we will pick up Patti Stouter at the airport.  She is flying in from New York State to have a ton of fun building the Kenya/Omyonga house.  http://www.simpleearthstructures.com/about.php  She is going to help us formulate and apply earth plaster over the blocks.  She has suggested we mix the plaster the same way it will be done in some of the developing nations where the Ubuntu-Blox is designed to help.  We will lay out a tarp on the ground, add the ingredients, local soil, sand, straw, horse manure, and water.  It is mixed with our feet.

So if you want to do some walking without going anywhere and getting high on life, be there, or be square.