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Haiti Communitere is building an Ubuntublox factory!


Read all about it on Facebook at the above link.  They also have some great pictures of the Ubuntu-blox house we were a consultant on in their compound.

The great thing about ubuntublox is it is open source.  That means the idea belongs to the world.  Anyone can do anything with it because no one can own it.  Haiti Communitere decided their vision of ubuntublox was to have the factory at their compound and have all the blocks built there.  The community brings the material to the compound, uses the equipment, and takes their blocks homes to build with them.

We are not only consulting with Haiti Communitere we are also working with a group that is wanting to build a factories in the communities.

Ubuntublox is such a wonderful thing.

Dirt, plastic trash, and the goodness of humanity

Yesterday I was able to experience one of those days that make a lifetime.  The walls are done and the earthen plaster is being applied to the exterior.  Roof is in place and will be finished this morning.  We will continue with the exterior plaster and start plastering the interior.

The most amazing thing for me is the joy others bring to the project.  Young, old, or in that place in between, they all get a grin on their faces that is wonderful to see when they talk to the group working on the house.

Go to Ubuntu-Blox on facebook and win a smile.  You deserve it.