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American Preppers radio interview

January 28, 2011 I was interviewed by Tom Martin for an hour about the recycled plastic block housing.  It was his first show and my first radio interview.  He did well. 

It’s about an hour long.  If you have questions you might find answers. 


Anniversary of sorts, January 10

November 10, 2010 was when I heard Ronald Omyonga talk about holistic housing at the Beck building in downtown Dallas for the Hunt Institute.  It was afterwards that he challenged me to come up with a product that could be used for housing construction and create commerce out of plastic trash.

December 10, 2010 was my first post on harveylacey.com about bottle bricks.

In two months time one thing after another has fallen into place.  We have the product, we have a working machine, and we have things coming together faster than we ever could have imagined.

It is amazing.