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Hunt Institute Engineering and Humanity Week Participant!!

Stephanie Hunt invited us to build a model and do demonstrations April 11th thru the 15th 2011 on the SMU campus in Dallas.

Dallas Morning News Story  http://www6.lexisnexis.com/publisher/EndUser?Action=UserDisplayFullDocument&orgId=574&topicId=100007979&docId=l:1378064432&isRss=true

We are having difficulty finding enough materials to build the blocks necessary for the event.  We’re wanting to build the Kenya Hut using only foam and film plastic materials.  Foam (polystyrene aka Styrofoam) and film (grocery bags aka Walmart bags) are not recycled in North Texas curbside like the rest of the plastics.  Foam plastics take up to seventy percent of the space in our landfills and are everywhere in our landscapes.  Film plastics wreck havoc with the conventional recycling operations.  It is estimated the recycling industry do 100,000 extra hand pulls a day removing film plastics processing recyclables.  They estimate that they lose two hours per twenty four hour shift unclogging film plastics from their equipment.  They are also everywhere in the landscape.

Making a home from plastic trash is a good statement to make these days.  But making a home from the worst of the available trash plastic is an even better and more important statement.  The problem for us is it takes a lot of those plastics to make a home with Ubuntu-Blox (recycled plastic blocks).  We need about eight thousand grocery bags and three hundred large yard debris bags full of foam plastics.

Yeah, that is a lot of plastic trash to make a small home.  But, and this but is extremely important, consider that amount of plastic trash isn’t in the landfill.

We have time constraints.  It is my fault.  I could have chosen to build using all plastics and had all I needed on hand because of the wonderful people at Allied Waste in Plano, Texas.  So blame me for being so greedy with my statement making.  Then help us find grocery bags and foam plastics to make a model home on the SMU campus.