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We Need Foam Plastics (Styrofoams)

We are desperate for foam plastics to make the blocks for the Hunt Institute Engineering and Humanity Week Kenya House. 

We also need the grocery bags but are finding those at Albertsons in Wylie, Brookshires in Wylie, Brookshires in Farmersville, Walmart in Wylie, and Walmart Neighborhood Store in Murphy. 

Home Depot in Wylie is giving us foam plastics they bring back from installations.  Lowes in Murphy has said they will do the same thing.  Best Buy in Northpark is getting a thing together to get us their foam plastics and Fry’s Electronics in Plano is supposedly also working up a way to collect their foam plastics.  Allied Waste’s recycling center in Plano lets me have all the foam plastics I can gather from their trash collection but there isn’t very much to get at one time.  BCE Electro has given us a bunch of foam also.