And It’s WAY Cheaper Than Ballistol

Placing a gun safe directly on top of concrete without and barrier can cause problems with moisture. Overtime a gun safe can rust and become weakened. There are a few options for making your own custom base using wood, carpet or rubber. Each material has its own drawbacks and special benefits.

Rubber floor mats come in many different shapes and sizes.

The material chosen is based on ones handiness and budget. Rubber and wood are better options than carpet. Rubber floor mats come in many different shapes and sizes. Choosing which one to use is important for properly installing a gun safe. I gather that since there’s nothing to hold the cylinders on the open tops from having a bit of end float that it’s also important to the final lock up position that they not have too much play.

Or at least that any play or lack of it will slightly affect this aspect. On the topic of the Canola (rape seed) oil when I first wanted to use it I was worried about any acids in the oil perhaps causing problems. So I looked around a little about it and carried out a corrosion test of my own to compare it to some other oils.

As part of all this I found that rape seed oil was used in the steam valving on the wartime merchant men ships because it didn’t wash away as readily in the super heated steam inside the lines and valves. So it certainly can take the heat.

The results of my corrosion test were a bit mixed. Of all the motor, gun and general purpose products I tested the Canola oil protected the steel best of all other than one which it matched. But the results may have been a little flawed since the sunlight for a week of the summer turned the oil into a varnish like film so when the rain came it had coated the metal in a “plastic” film.

This showed me that while it’s a good oil with great lubricating and corrosion resisting properties that it’s not an oil to be used for long term protection. Even in a cool dark place it will still gum up over a few months. There’s no doubt that the heat and UV accelerated the process.

But I would not use it in place of Ballistol for a winter’s worth of sleepy time. However for any two day matches or when I know I’m shooting again during the next couple of weeks I’ll use the Canola overall and put the guns away until the next use.

For THAT long and in the dark and fairly cool cabinet (has a Golden Rod but it’s never what I’d call “hot” in there) it won’t kick off to any noticeable degree. And it’s WAY cheaper than Ballistol. 5” in length and weighs 15 oz. It works by pumping water through three different filter levels.

The first is a glass fiber filter that removes bacteria. The second, a ceramic pre-filter, is a disc that can be removed and cleaned. This filter also helps prolong the life of the active charcoal (carbon) filter that comes next. The charcoal or carbon filter is replaceable and helps remove chemicals and pesticides, helping give the water a more neutral taste.

This water filter provides clean water at a fast rate: it can filter up to 2. 2 liters of water per minute. That said, there is also a slow setting on this water filter that filters water at a slower rate but can prolong the life of the filter.

It also features “dual-piston” technology, which means you don’t have to work as hard to pump your water. This filter comes with a pre-filter, travel bag, and cleaning pad. Pros: • Fast filtration speed: can filter around 8 cups of water in one minute • Setting options to control speed of water filtration and prolong the life of the water filter • Pumping water is easy, good for long urban use.

Cons: • Heavier and larger than some other filtersSurvival Hax Water Filter Straw with . 1 Micron Purifier for Camping and Hiking BottleThis filter straw works by filtering water through a coconut-activated charcoal filter that removes 99. 9% of bacteria and parasites from water. You can attach it to the end of a water bottle that has dirty water and drink directly from the straw or pour clean water into another vessel.

You can also drink directly from a water source, like a river or lake. It can be a bit awkward to get close enough to a water source to drink from it so it’s less convenient than the Katadyn Vario Water Filter. Still, it’s one of the best survival straw available.