July 4, 2023

There are times when you want your boyfriend to pay more attention to you and see you in a different light.

You can be sure that a relationship will not stay the same and if you want to keep your man then you will have to work towards making him listen to you more.

Here are a few things that you can try if you want your boyfriend to be more attentive to you when you talk to him.

Be loud and clear in your acceptanceIf you feel like you are not accepted for the way that you are then you should be more open in your acceptance.

It could be because of the way you dress, the way you speak or just the way you are. Whatever it is, you should tell your boyfriend in your very best way that you are ready to accept the way you are.

Try talking about the things that you enjoyMost women love talking about the things that they like doing. Ask your boyfriend if he likes watching movies, listening to music, reading books, gardening or going out.

Spend some time actively going out with your boyfriendGo on a weekend getaway or just spend some time alone and observe how your man interacts with you. You will have a much better idea of what interests your boyfriend and gives him pleasure.

gangnamshirtrooms.com Make your conversations interestingYour boyfriend will be paying attention to what you talk about if you are an interesting person to talk to. So make sure that you have interesting conversation to keep his attention.

Make a change from the habit that you haveIf you have been to boring and uncreative in your relationship then take some initiative to make a few changes.

Go away for a little whileIf you send your boyfriend out on a date on a Friday night then he is most likely to turn it home and return after a long business trip. Go out if you want to see how he loves you.

Focus on the part that is genuinely important to himIf your boyfriend was supposed to pay attention to the mundane stuff then that is the time that he will be attending to. Take him to the movies or to a football match if you have something that is genuinely important to him.

Polite arguments never hurtIf you feel that you are being neglected on account of your fights then there is nothing wrong in speaking to him in a polite manner. rehearse the things that you have agreed upon and don’t hold anything back.

Be non committalDon’t remain silent and let him walk all over you by staying quiet. Politely offer suggestions where you have an idea in mind where you could have a compromise. You need to spell out clearly the areas where you can be flexible to secure.

Don’t do an about turnAlways come back to the issues that you have been having and never do an about turn if your boyfriend refuses to do something else. This is something that you should try and have a positive outcome in.

Always appreciate his effortsYour boyfriend will be attracted to you if you like to be appreciate. So make sure that you never hold anything back and give him your honest appreciation for even the small efforts that he does then.