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Belly Fashionable Concealed Carry Purse Name

Free shipping on many items Concealed Carry Purse www. My gun fights nice and tight and doesnt fall out of the holster even when my purse tips over. Concealed Carrie, a business based in Georgia, makes high-end leather handbags, totes and computer bags for women who want to carry concealed carry purses quote.

Perfect to carry the essentials. Large selection of quality wholesale Concealed Carry Purse products in China. The Packin’ Neat system provides you with a stationary holster that properly angles your weapon for quick and easy retrieval. A detachable leather tassel finishes off this lovely leather concealed carry purse.

Both versions are available at Purse Blog, too. Women’s High quality, hand made purses with a western flare! It has a large open compartment inside and a single pocket inside as well. Add to. And exterior part are also of the concealed-carry handbag market known for long-lasting.

To help put together a quote that properly angles your weapon for quick and easy The post this Louis Vuitton ‘ Neat system provides you with a leopard print and real. I highly recommend it for its diverse use between small or large purses, very easy access with quick drawing capabilities, and that it holds my gun snuggly enough to keep it safely in place throughout the daily abuse my purse goes through.

The elastic bands that keep the gun holstered cover the trigger nicely too, which was a MUST for me because I have a fear of some miscellaneous item in my purse making its way through the trigger guard. The ONLY thing I would advise, is to make sure you tighten the bolts down very tightly when snugging it into the purse.

If not done tightly, the bolts will come unscrewed and the holster will get wiggly in the purse and the bolts could get lost purse with hidden gun compartment csgo the ‘great abyss’ that is the bottom of a woman’s purse. Happy Carrying!This purse holster is amazing.

My wife wanted a practical way to carry her pistol Springfield XDs 9mm in her designer purses Coach without having to buy a custom made concealed carry purse. This holster is completely adjustable to the dimensions of every one of her purses. What we like most about this holster is that it keeps the weapon pointed down and makes it very easy to access.

It is a bit flimsy but I suppose it must be in order to adjust to the inside of a purse. This is a great product and she highly recommends it. Similar Products. UTG 3. That is testimony to how eye catching it really is, and the level of quality.

I am not normally a big purse kind of gal but needed something bigger to keep my laptop with me for commuting on public transit. I love love love this bag. It is so high quality and looks very classy. I am an executive in a large company that has a very formal dress code, and this purse really complements my wardrobe.

At the same time I can run around town with this purse running errands. The big zipper pocket keeps my laptop nice and snug. This is a fantastic product. I ended up looking at it because Coronado Leather ran out of a very similar product with lots of great matching accessories.

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The velcro fastening of the holster makes an easy and smooth draw in case of emergencies. Since it meets the requirements of affordability and performance too, you should consider adding this concealed carry purse to your list. Although this top-grain leather Heshe purse is not marketed as a Concealed Carry Weapon-friendly purse, it meets all the requirements and features of one.